Fabulous Dining at Alor Setar

Over all these years, most of the Malaysian cities provide Best in Class cuisines along with luxury accommodation facilities to its tourists. All tourists in Malaysia have never regretted their touring experience as its has endless attractions, historical sites, theme parks, jungle safari, wildlife, natural habitats etc which makes it impossible for someone to tour such an incredible country in one single visit. The vast varieties of attractions & places to visit in Malaysia have compelled tourists from all over the world to visit such an exceptional country again & again.
For some tourists, Malaysia is nothing less than a paradise as it has truly proved itself as a favorable tourism destination among all the countries in South East Asia. 
Alor Setar formerly known as Alor Star is rapidly developing towards achieving its goal among all the other cities in Malaysia as a prominent hub for tourism business. You may also buy bus ticket from Singapore to KL to visit other city. There are many bus companies in Malaysia that provide connecting service to various places in Malaysia. Example of bus companies that had been providing excellent bus transport service like KKKL Express, Transnasional, JU Enterprise, Economy Express, Era Mesra, KPB ExpressPlusliner, Sri Maju, Supernice KL, Grassland, Trans MVS, Delima and etc.
Tourists in Alor Setar dine in some of the leading restaurants in the city. Curry Mee is one of the finest dishes available in Alor Setar which has captivated travelers coming from far off lands. It is one of the preferred dishes in Malaysia & Singapore which is prepared with thin yellow rice noodles or rice vermicelli along with coconut milk, spicy gravy soup prepared with chillies & dried prawn, chicken, tofu etc. The aroma of such a great dish has compelled tourists to visit Alor Setar again & again. 
Some of them have even asked for the recipe of Curry Mee as this dish has stood out from others compelling many people to buy Malaysian spices along with its packaged ingredients while going back home. It is often said that Lai Huat in Alor Setar prepares best Curry Mee among all the other restaurants. 
Many international tourists prefer cuisines from their own countries which are less spicy & simple. In order to facilitate such travelers, some prominent restaurants in Alor Setar provide alternate food cuisines along with international variety. Sentosa situated in the Sentosa Regency Hotel provide such cuisines for the convenience of the travelers.  
Moreover, Kopitiam Fish has enthralled everyone with its nutritious ingredients & flavor. Most restaurants in Alor Setar serve Kopitiam Fish in form of soup or curry. The Kopitiam fish curry is preferred by the locals as the fish is marinated witdelectable spices & cooked slowly at low heat. While, offshore travelers prefer Kopitiam Fish in form of soup as they feel that its juicy nutritious ingredients along 
with exotic flavors satisfies their hunger. 
There are several restaurants in Alor Setar which claims to serve the perfectly cooked Kopitiam Fish. Among all of them 
Kopitiam Seafood, a prominent restaurant situated in Alor Setar serves matchless dishes among its competitors. The restaurant is divided in two sections, one for family meals & other for open style café. 
People looking to grab quick bite can dine in the open style café while families or friends looking for some chit-chat can enjoy their dishes while seeing the bustling of the city. The delectable dishes of Alor Setar have inspired travelers to innovate their own dishes back at home. 

Safe Travel Guidelines to Malaysia


Searching for the country to go for a holiday is very demanding. After several disappointments, I came across a marketing post online advertising Malaysia tourist spot; Alor Setar. It was so amazing as well as an easy process for me to get my traveling documents. Sincerely, Malaysia is the most comfortable as well as the safest place one can visit. However, you need to put everything prior to embarking on such a journey. Prior to traveling to Malaysia, you need to take a like policy that will cover you in case of a problem. Well, let’s check out on five issues that you need to address so as to have a joyful trip to Malaysia.

Careful on water When you take a trip to Malaysia, you need to observe what kind of water you are taking. It is very unethical to drinking any water that comes your ways. Water is a very sensitive product, and, therefore, it is important to note that if you don’t know the source of water it is better you don’t drink it. Besides, you can still purchase mineral water, which is highly recommended. The water situation doesn’t apply to food. Malaysian food is fresh and very sweet.

Getting around Malay’s are very hospitable people. When in arrive in Kuala Lumpur you will always whispers, “Can I take you around?” it is always amazing how Malay’s treat people. Scam in Kuala Lumpur is close to zero. However, you need to be cautious because you never know what might happen to you. You should always keep off unnecessary offers because they might not be very good at the end, always use registered Taxi companies in case you want to move around.

Terrorist actions On your visiting Kuala Lumpur, ensure that you hide to the nation warning whenever they are announced. Though, there is likelihood that such attacks might not occur. But I believe it is better to be safe, rather than sorry. It’s critical to be concern about your security especially during the night as well as in clubs. You don’t know when the devil will strike. Besides your personal safety, ensure that you don’t work with cash in your pocket. Banks have introduced MasterCard’s as well as visa cars. Therefore, it is very crucial that you employ your cards to pay for any service or goods. Lastly, don’t walk with your legal document all over they might be stolen or get lost, and it will very hard for you to obtain other.

Travel insurance Insurance is essential for that matter. You can’t be granted traveling documents by the Malaysian Authorities if you don’t have a comprehensive Travel Insurance. The traveling insurance cover is meant to stand in for you in case of an eventuality. That said than done, it is critical that you get an insurance cover from a well recognized Company with a great reputation. There are several companies purporting to offer insurance covers, and yet they don’t have the necessary permit. Please ask for aid at the airline you intend using to locate t a genuine insurance company.

Riding Majestic Fast Ferry

A distinctive and important place in the country of Singapore is Harbour Front. Such is the significance of this place that it is hard to deny it a visit when you are in this part of South East Asia. It is an emerging spot of growth and development in both lifestyles as well as business. Indonesia has gained so much popularity in respect of tourism over the years, thanks to its natural and cultural diversifications.

Across the entire region, from Sumatra to Java and Kalimantan to Sulawesi, there is so much to look for all around. The architectural beauty and the cultural heritages combined with the tropical climatic conditions and natural landscapes provides a mesmerizing treat to the eyes.

Thanks to Easybook.com, travelling is no more a worry. You have the fascination to choose or decline a form of travel as there are multiple options available to you. The aerial route has always been the most obvious and widely accepted mode of travel. However, travelling through ferry is also gaining an increasing popularity nowadays. This has become evident as a lot of companies have come forward and there has been a sizeable increase in the count of ferries that make their way to and from Singapore to Indonesia.

ferry8757Travelling across the water is preferred by many more so by people who want to avoid heights. You will get easy access using the ferry from Indonesia to Harbour Front.

There are ferries going through several routes at regular intervals. This is definitely a plus to the tourists who need not have to adjust their other plans to comply with the travel schedule. Starting from around 6 in the morning, ferries are available till around 8:45 P.M.

There is the Sindo Ferry Pte Ltd offer batam ferry tickets that take the route from Batam Center to Harbour Front. It has a capacity of 12 and charges around 25 Singapore dollars per person. There is also the Majestic Fast Ferry Pte Ltd which has one of its starting point as Sekupang, the destination being Harbour Front. It has a capacity of 10 and charges around 22 SGD.

Easybook gives you the liberty of booking your seat in advance and choosing the one that seems most preferable. The online mode of booking allows you to make those last minute subtle changes to your overall plans. The duration of travel varies from 45 minutes to an hour.

So next time you plan your move across these two places, you can make your way across the ferry. It certainly shall prove to be a pleasant and cherishable experience.